PPS 8-H 2 up Holder (Pack of 50)

New! just out... PPS 8-H  2 up Holder Small Patch (Pack  of 50)  Heavy Gauge Plastic & 100 Acid Free Cards, holds 100 Patches or Pins. They are also Double Bonded in the middle, so you can cut them in half and create 2 separate holders.

Patches not included and are used to show how to display Square Knots, State Strips, Patrol Patches, Merit Badges, Rank, Insignia and small Order of the Arrow patches, OA Pins, other Boy Scout Items.

Product is made of high quality heavy gauge plastic and heavy Acid Free cardstock. Cards are included.  Holders are designed similar to envelopes and the top tucks into the back. Welcome to Patch Protection Systems.

The product that has been used nationally by Boy Scout patch collectors Since 1990 is back! Also known as the Brush Creek System with over 300,000 Systems Sold for over 20 years. Also known  as the "Johnny Holder", we are excited to make the product available for collectors. Get the ORIGINAL patch holders.

Do not be mislead by imitations! If you want QUALITY and you want the ORIGINAL, purchase from Patch Protection Systems!

PPS 8-H  2 up Holder (Pack  of 50)
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